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CloudCall365 VoIP Phone System Features

Work seamlessly in and out of office with CloudCall365

CloudCall365 VoIP Phone System provides state-of-the-art features, essential to any UK business. From simple “find me/follow me” functionality that will simultaneously ring to fixed mobile convergence applications to making and receiving business calls on a mobile phone.

All of the following features are included in the CloudCall365 VoIP Phone System price!

  • Multi-Locations – Connect your offices across the globe with a single phone system
  • Mobile Phone Pairing with Sequential Ringing- Never miss a call
  • Voicemail to Email – Pick up all your voicemail from any device, anywhere
  • Hot-Desking – Switch desks in shared office environment
  • Unlimited Conference Calling – Set up a private virtual conference room with external dial ins
  • Fax to Email – CloudCall365 can send and receive faxes as well as handle voice calls
  • Call Forwarding – manage incoming calls efficiently and effectively
  • Softphone – Integrate your office phone with your laptop or desktop – Initiate calls straight from your computer
  • Video Conferencing – Reduce travel time and increase productivity

All of the following features are included in the CloudCall365 price!

  • Caller Line Identity Display – Identify callers on any device
  • Call Pickup – Answer someone else’s calls
  • Do Not Disturb – Block incoming calls on demand
  • Group Paging – Make announcements to multiple desk phones
  • Busy Lamp Field Extension Lights – See who is available in your business at a glance
  • Blacklist Numbers – Bar unwanted callers
  • Call Transfer – Transfer calls to any internal or external number
  • Call Logging – View all calls received, made and missed
  • CLI Flexibility – Present any number you have permission to your callers

All of the following features are included in the CloudCall365 price!

Call Queuing

  • Time Based Routing – Route calls based on the time of day
  • Selectable Music on Hold – Improve the perception of your business
  • Custom Greeting – Welcome callers with a custom announcement
  • Queue Position Announcement – Inform callers on their queue position
  • Adjustable Ring Duration – Alter the length of time that your phone rings before answering a call
  • Queue Exit to Voicemail – Allow callers the option of leaving a voicemail at any time whilst waiting in a queue
  • Custom Ringtone – Identify inbound calls easily and effectively with custom ringtones
  • Inbound Call Limit – Minimise caller wait times.

Auto Attendant

  • Multi Layer Auto Attendant – Provide callers with menu options for call routing
  • Timebased Routing – Route calls based on the time of day
  • Caller ID Label – Provide special handling of  calls from specific Caller Identity’s

Ring Groups

  • Hunt Groups – Distribute calls across your team or offices
  • Custom Greetings – Play a custom greeting to callers when a specific ring group is dialled
  • Custom Ringtone  – Set a custom ringtone for phones which are in a specific ring group


  • User Voicemail – Never miss a call
  • Voicemail to Email – Retrieve voicemail in or out-of-office via your preferred email address
  • Group Voicemail – Capture all unanswered group calls

To enhance your CloudCall365 calling experience, optional features below can be included for a low monthly cost

  • CloudCall365 Android or iOS Mobile App – Make or receive business calls directly from your mobile device, and when you use the CloudCall365 mobile app to make a call, your business number will be presented instead of your mobile number on your receiver’s caller ID (Only £2.95 per month / per user + VAT)
  • Call Recording – Record and archive all inbound or outbound calls. Gain a better understanding of your customers. Enhance customer service and improve interactions between staff and consumers (Only £19.95 per month + VAT)
  • CRM+ Integration – Seamlessly integrate with leading CRM systems such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Hubspot, Bullhorn, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Office365, Sugar CRM, Insightly, Property Base, Apto, Dealerteam. Get a 360 degree view of your customers. Gain faster access to crucial customer information. Eliminate time consuming data entry and duplication (Only £4.95 per month / per user + VAT)

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