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Here are some questions we get asked about CloudCall365

Can’t find your question? Email us at enquiries@cloudcall365.co.uk or call our friendly team on 0330 118 0365.

As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can simply plug your phone in and it will start working immediately – anywhere in the world. Additionally, if you have the CloudCall365 mobile application or PC Soft Phone installed, calls can be made and received over 3G/4G and WiFi connections.

Free minute bundles to 01/02/03 & UK Mobiles, are per user/per month. However, if you have more than one user subscription, minutes are bundled together across all users. You will not incur additional charges for calling local, national and UK mobile numbers providing all users do not collectively exceed the total number of minutes on your account. 

Cloudcall365 will act as your single bridge to give you everything you need for voice, calls, phone system and support. Essentially, you can cancel any unwanted telephone lines apart from ones that operate your Internet connection, alarm service or fax machine.

CloudCall365 just works. Because CloudCall365 telephone system is in the cloud (not in your office), there are no hidden additional maintenance, engineer or IT support charges to worry about. Your monthly user subscription includes technical support and software upgrades. 

Any issues are dealt with by our in-house dedicated support team – contact: support@cloudcall365.co.uk

Because CloudCall365 is hosted in the cloud not in BT’s archaic exchange network, your area code bears no relation to your physical location. You can choose any UK area code without any extra charges.

CloudCall365 comes preconfigured so all you need to do is plug your phone into a live broadband connection and it will just work.  If you have any problems setting up or using CloudCall365, contact our support department on 0330 118 0365. 

Alternatively, from only £385.00 + vat per day, we offer an onsite UK wide installation service from initial consultation, right through to completion. 

Your handsets can be delivered to your premises within 3 to 5 working days. CloudCall365 PC Soft Phone and Mobile Application are available immediately. On arrival, simply plug your phones into your existing broadband line and away you go!

Yes. More users can be added at anytime. Unlike a traditional PBX system, CloudCall365 is highly flexible and scalable – you are not limited to how many users the system can have. Simply give us a call on 0330 118 0365 and we’ll order your additional handsets and set up new users on your account. Your new phones will arrive plug and play ready, preconfigured within 3-5 working days.

Just like a traditional PBX telephone system, you can easily transfer calls internally or externally. Simply press the Call Transfer button on your CloudCall365 phone and dial the extension of the employee or external number to whom you wish to transfer the call to. CloudCall365 also offers you the ability to store numbers of employees in your company so that there is no need to memorise numbers or have extensions lists pinned up around your desk.

Absolutely! You might have heard that BT have formerly announced their intention to switch off the ISDN network by 2025 forcing UK businesses to migrate to the cloud. If your business is ready to make the move, future-proof your communications with CloudCall365.

What is SIP ALG?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) ALG (Application Layer Gateway) is an application within many routers. It inspects any VoIP traffic to prevent problems caused by firewalls and if necessary modifies the VoIP packets. Routers will often have SIP ALG activated by default.

How can it affect CloudCall365?

If its been activated, SIP ALG can stop your CloudCall365 (Yealink) handsets from –

  • registering on the service
  • making internal calls
  • receiving incoming calls
  • You should disable SIP ALG on your BT Business Hub 5. But, if for any reason your Hub is re-set, SIP ALG will automatically be activated again.

How do I turn off SIP ALG on the BT Business Hub 5?

Make sure you’re using a computer that’s connected to your network then:

  1. Open a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) and type or businesshub.home in the address bar. You’ll see the BT Business Hub home page.
  2. Click on ‘Advanced Settings’
  3. Enter your admin password (unless this has been changed, the default admin password can be found on the bottom of the Business Hub 5 or on the plastic pull out on its back).
  4. Click ‘Continue to Advanced Settings’
  5. Click ‘Firewall’ then ‘Configuration’ and scroll down to ‘Application Layer Gateway’
  6. Click Yes next to ‘Disable SIP ALG’ and click ‘Apply’
  7. SIP ALG will then be deactivated on your Business Hub 5.

Once this is complete your phones will work fine.

These options are standard voicemail options:

  • 1 Read voicemail messages
  • 2 Change folders
    • 0 Mailbox options
    • 1 Record your unavailable message
    • 2 Record your busy message
    • 3 Record your name
    • 4 Record your temporary message (new in Asterisk v1.2)
    • 5 Change your password
    • * Return to the main menu
  • 3 Advanced options
    • 1 Reply
    • 2 Call back(1)
    • 3 Envelope
    • 4 Outgoing call(1)
  • 4 Play previous message
  • 5 Repeat current message
  • 6 Play next message
  • 7 Delete current message
  • 8 Forward message to another mailbox
  • 9 Save message in a folder

After recording a message (incoming message, busy/unavailable greeting, or name):

  • 1 Accept
  • 2 Review
  • 3 Re-record

There are two main types of call pickup:

  1. Call pickup which is done by dialing ‘*8’ access code
  2. Directed pickup which is done by dialing ‘*88+EXTENSION’

Call Pickup

Call pickup allows you to answer a call from any ringing phone that has the same call group as your phone. If more than one phone is ringing, you would have no control over which call you answer.

  • Example:

Extension 1003 is added to ‘Call group 1’ which is done by entering 1 in ‘Extensions -> Edit extension -> Call Group’
Extension 1100 is added to ‘Pickup group 1’ (enter 1 in ‘Extensions -> Edit extension -> Pickup Group’ )
Extension 1002 calls extension 1003
Extension 1003 rings
1100 dials *8 thus picking up the call from 1003.

  • NOTE:

If more extensions inside Call group 1 were ringing, you would have no influence over which one of them would be picked up.

Directed Pickup
Directed pickup allows you to pick up a call from a specific extension by dialing ‘*88+EXTENSION’ . For this to work, your extension doesn’t have to be assigned to any call group/pickup group.

  • Example:

Extension 1002 calls extension 1003
Extension 1003 rings
1100 dials *881003 and call will be picked up.

  • NOTE:

To pick up a call from a Ring group, dial *88+RING-GROUP-EXT

Press # and then *125. After this, just dial the extension number and your call will be transferred to that extension voicemail box.
    • For Example: # *125 1001
Or use the transfer button instead of #:
    • For Example: (transfer button) * 125 1001
Your call will be transferred to the other user’s voicemail box.
We have agreements to port geographic numbers with a number of Communication Providers – this list is currently:

  • BT
  • Vodafone (Thurs)
  • Vodafone (C&W)
  • Vodafone (Energis)
  • Vodafone (Your Communications)
  • Gamma Telecom (inc. hosted clients who have delegated porting)
  • Magrathea Telecom (inc. hosted clients who have delegated porting)
  • Telephony Services (inc. AQL, Gradwell and hosted clients who have delegated porting)
  • Invoco
  • Virgin Media
  • BSkyB
  • GCI
  • Edge Telecom
  • Invomo
  • Talk Talk
  • Spitfire
  • Voxbone
  • Colt Technology Services
  • Orbtalk
  • Level 3 Communications / Global Crossing
  • Wavecrest UK Limited / New Call
  • Virgin Media (inc. Eurobell)
  • Verizon
  • VoIP Unlimited
  • KCOM (Hull)
  • Affiniti

This list is continuously growing so it’s always worth checking with us to find out if a number is portable now or if it will be in the near future. Under some circumstances, we can port in from other operators not listed above, for example, from an operator we do have an agreement with but do not yet have national coverage. There are also an increasing number of providers who are resellers of numbers from other companies, or who let one of the companies we have an agreement with carry out delegated porting for them. There are also many providers who are BT IPEX customers – if this is the case, the end user should contact their provider to ask if they are willing to port the numbers via Scenario 7 – if so, we’ll be able to port their numbers.

Please note this refers to geographic numbers only. We are actively working on porting agreements for non-Geographic numbers, but currently only have agreements in place with Magrathea and Gamma. Please get in touch at support@cloudcall365.co.uk if you wish to port a non-Geographic number. 

As long as you have spare bandwidth on your existing Fibre or ADSL connection, you can operate CloudCall365. Subject to the number of calls you make at any one time, call quality could be affected by the speed of your internet connection. If you are unsure as to whether your broadband service is suitable, please contact us on 0330 118 0365. We can assess your current setup and advise if you need to upgrade. 

In the unlikely event you should experience a fault, please call our support desk on 0330 118 0365 or email support@cloudcall365.co.uk

Can’t find your question?

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